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padWashed Chino Twill in Putty

All heads are not created equal, so we created these hats specifically with the enhanced craniums in mind.  These fully adjustable baseball-style caps will accommodate hats from the slightly larger than average melon to the “Oh my God, are we having a solar eclipse?” size (and you know who you are).  A lot more room around and slightly more room in the crown, to avoid that skin tight feel that makes your eyes pop out like a cartoon character’s.  And the adjustable self-fabric strap tucks neatly into the sweatband, so there is no unsightly tail trailing you around.  Let’s face it—one size fits all hats simply never fit all heads.  If you’ve given up wearing hats because you just can’t find one to fit, or are tired of  squeezing your head into a hat that looks like it should have a propeller on top, stop looking—these are the hats for you.  Choose from the structured feel of “The Classic” or the softer, unstructured feel in one of three colors. “Big Mel” and our signature “love your melon” motto are featured on the back of all hats.

Washed Chino Twill in Putty
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